Woman pregnant with sextuplets

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#1 Woman pregnant with sextuplets

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Woman pregnant with sextuplets

Alabama Woman Gives Birth To Sextuplets, Now Has 9 Kids

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Woman pregnant with sextuplets

Mother-of-three who was trying for baby number four is now pregnant with SEXTUPLETS

When a woman prehnant eating for seven, nutrition becomes a battle. This is the lesson Heather Carroll, mother of the Alabama sextuplets born over Father's day weekend, learned. The 5 feet, 2 inch, year-old from Plantersville pregnannt away 6, calories Pregnant hentai porn day -- the same wiith a Navy Seal in training -- just to keep her six babies alive until her scheduled Caesarean section last Saturday. All of the snacks I mean it was very good, but I can't imagine doing that again," Carroll said at a press conference Tuesday. Though the six infants were scheduled to be delivered two months ahead of schedule, Carroll still had to spend the month leading up to the C-section on bed rest at the Brookwood Medical Center in Birmingham. While hospital staff ran drills to prepare for her multiple birth, Carroll was hooked up to an IV drip and chugged vitamin-enriched milkshakes with a few Krispy Kremes to supplement just to get enough nutrients to her babies.

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