Pregnant from unprotected sex

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#1 Pregnant from unprotected sex

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Pregnant from unprotected sex

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Pregnant from unprotected sex

What’s the Chance of Getting Pregnant If You Had Unprotected Sex

When you are having sex, pregnancy is always a real possibility. Like others, you will hear many rumors about where and when you could get pregnant. This is why most women in the reproductive age or the ones who are trying desperately to conceive will have many questions or doubts about their chances of conceiving. We will look further at this below to help you understand more about unprotected sex and pregnancy. There is a good chance that you could get pregnant nearly any time that you engage in sexual intercourse without using an effective birth control. This scenario is familiar to most women. Pregnancy usually occurs around the ovulation period, the time when your ovary releases egg in the fallopian tube.

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