Likelyhood of getting pregnant without sex

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#1 Likelyhood of getting pregnant without sex

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Likelyhood of getting pregnant without sex

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#2 Having sex during pregnant

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Having sex during pregnant

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#3 Pregnant haveing sex

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Pregnant haveing sex

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#4 Pregnant sex stories

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Pregnant sex stories

#5 9 month pregnant porn

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9 month pregnant porn

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Likelyhood of getting pregnant without sex

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The chances of getting pregnant without penetration are relatively small. If there is no penetration, it is next to impossible for the sperm to make this journey. However, sperm can live for an hour or two outside of the body. It is possible, if a man ejaculates, for some of that sperm to find its way into the vagina. This can happen from simple transfer, say from a finger or hand to the vagina. It is almost impossible for it to happen if sperm is nowhere near the vagina. It is also possible to become pregnant even if a man does not ejaculate but there is still penetration.

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