Blood after sex pregnant

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#1 Blood after sex pregnant

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Blood after sex pregnant

Bleeding and Spotting During Pregnancy: What's Normal, What's Not

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Blood after sex pregnant

Why Am I Bleeding After Sex?

Then, too, many women particularly first time moms worry about whether their baby is developing correctly, whether they are at risk for a Pregnant redhead sex, and whether their actions might adversely affect the pregnancy. Generally, however, blood after sex is both normal and completely harmless. During pregnancy, the cervix becomes very vascular, and its blood supply increases tremendously. Many of the new blood vessels are close to the exterior surface of the cervix, and during sexual intercourse, the penis can bump and rub against this surface, generating friction. Bleeding that begins before sex, and then worsens afterward, may be the sign of something much more serious, and warrants a visit to the doctor. Some women wonder whether intercourse can cause the cervix to open, leading to premature labor and delivery.

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Light Spotting After Sex While Pregnant

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